Bosch Counts Fans of Miro

Bosch Remote Portal helps Porto’s Serralves Museum manage rising numbers of visitors

Porto is home to one of Portugal’s most important art and architecture foundations, the Serralves Foundation, which governs the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art and Serralves Park. Both are national monuments, Portugal’s most important heritage classification.

With as high as 300,000 visitors per year the Serralves Foundation searched for support to manage their flow. Administrators wanted to identify high- and low-traffic days, so they could adjust staffing levels and thereby prevent long queues at entrances and dangerous overcrowding of exhibition rooms.

Bosch supported the Foundation by installing FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 7000 video cameras inside and outside the museum and connected them to the Bosch remote portal.

The cameras provide a complete 360-degree view of a certain scene without blind spots. Thanks to their built-in video analytics function, the panoramic cameras are enabled to interpret what they see. They can capture and transmit not only video images, but also the associated data like object type, size, speed and much more. Remote Portal as a Software as a Service that allows installers to access via the cloud any Bosch IP camera to configure applications, monitor the health status of the camera or set up camera counter reports.

The solution enables the Museum’s administration to count visitors and report the count in real time. The Remote Portal allows for the creation of visitor traffic reports over a day, a week or several months. All data can be easily exported to other applications.

With the help of this information, the Serralves Foundation plans and relocates staff as well as other resources well in advance, and if needed, security guards can avoid the entrance of more people inside the Miró Museum. It manages visitor traffic over the course of the year, so all visitors can indulge fully in experiencing fine art – rather than the art of being stuck in a crowd.

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