Preventing Fires by Short Circuits

Precautions cost very little but negligence can cost a fortune

An electrical short circuit is the most common cause of accidental fires in residential and commercial buildings, resulting in major loss of property and life. Nearly 25000 people die every year due to fire accidents and about 65% of the fire accidents are caused by electrical short circuits. There are several recent cases of fires particularly in hospitals that have drawn attention of the media as well as the administration.

When there is a short circuit in the electrical switch board or panel box, it takes mere 30 seconds for a small flame to get completely out of control. There are a few solutions like extinguishers and sprinklers but they are not designed to control the fire at the source i.e., at the electrical switch boards and panel boxes. These tools require regular servicing and maintenance to keep their effectiveness at the time of fire, and also necessitate special training of the personnel to operate them.

Fires can be prevented if they are killed at the source of a short circuit. PyroSticker and PyroCord marketed by PyroSecure, a brand owned by DNY Hospitality Pvt Ltd, make the first line of defence. It is a revolutionary new technology designed to protect a fire arising out of electrical short circuits. This award-winning product safeguards the switch boards and panel boxes and helps kill fire at the source. Manufactured using nano technology, it is easy to install and operates automatically. It comes with 5 year warranty.

When the fire touches the PyroSticker during a short circuit inside the electric switch board or panel box, a special fire retardant releases from its nano-capsules and the fire is extinguished at its source before it gets out of control. This fire retardant is completely non-toxic and safe for children.

PyroSecure automatic fire suppression systems employ the patented ACTOK technology which uses microencapsulation technique of fire suppression at an early stage, directly in the place of inflammation. ACTOK technology is simple in understanding and innovative by essence. A device of any form and size made by this technology can remain for many years in ‘standby mode’ and automatically extinguish fire in a place where it occurs, without letting it develop into a fire.

Today various composite materials are created by ACTOK technology. The structure of such materials includes microcapsules with fire retardant agent – Freon – confined within. When heated to a pre-set temperature, the shell of the capsule bursts discharging Freon. When Freon is in contact with open fire or smouldering surface, it binds and displaces oxygen, which swiftly cools the place of burning and extinguishes the flames.

 PyroSecure is the first line of defence for fires due to short circuit. It is a revolutionary award winning product which safeguards the switch boards and panel boxes and helps kill the fire at the source. Solutions like extinguishers and sprinklers are not designed to control the fire at the source and therefore it is advisable for places like residential complexes, schools, hospitals, malls, theatres, fuel stations, hotels and resorts, office and commercial buildings etc., to install and use PyroSecure.


– Vijay Dalwani
Chairman, PyroSecure


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