Hikvision Empowers Kachchh University with Surveillance and Broadcasting Solutions

Named after a revolutionary freedom fighter, Krantiguru Shyamji Krishna Verma Kachchh University (KSKVU) is a state university in Gujarat, India that promotes higher education in regional and rural areas of the country. Colleges in the Kutch district were regulated under the Gujarat University till 2003. Following the development drive post 2001 Gujarat earthquake, the Government of Gujarat decided to provide a separate university in the region and thus KSKVU came into being in 2004 with 10 colleges. It started its administrative and academic activity at the new developing campus in 2007. Today, the university has 44 colleges with more than 20,000 students and nearly 250 teachers working in the faculties of Arts, Commerce, Science, Education, Law, Technology including the Engineering and Pharmacy.


In pursuit of providing an effective security solution to the University, Hikvision’s partner Yashvi Infotech, the leading Ahmedabad based systems integrator, surveyed the site and worked with the key representatives and head of security for Kachchh University to deliver an effective plan that would provide a customized solution to the security and management needs.

“Implementing IP Surveillance Project for KSKVU was a great learning experience. We have built a strong relationship with Hikvision over past 4 years and value their experience and expertise to provision security surveillance systems. They work very well with vendor partners to deliver solutions that suit the requirements. They are efficient and their high-quality workmanship and service are appreciated. We find their objective advice invaluable, while designing security solutions and selecting equipment to install,” said Brijesh Thakkar, Director, Yashvi Infotech.


The Kachchh University required a foolproof IP based surveillance solution for the university campus. In the past the University had only 8 surveillance cameras in the administrative building premises which was not able to deliver positive results. They required a centralized and local building monitoring solution. The project brief included security control room as well as Vice-Chancellor (VC) cabin for mission critical surveillance solution. The Kachchh University campus has 7 different buildings spread over 5 acres.

Besides, the management was also looking for a customized solution, which can have the facility to share their live classroom lecture to another classroom in case of absence of a professor or something else, and also to record lectures and upload them on their server for future reference.


The process of designing a solution package for Kachchh University project was quite comprehensive. The solution comprised the best 2 line and 4 line series cameras. Approximately 400 IP cameras were required by this project. These cameras were deployed in areas including all classrooms with audio and video, corridors, outside of buildings, library, computer rooms, staff rooms, main gate with ANPR solution, play area with PTZ, and parking and hostel; with 24×7 monitoring in local building, VC’s cabin as well as security control room.

Hikvision recording and broadcasting solution has been the best fit for the KU classrooms which is able to fulfil their 100% requirement. Yashvi Infotech also executed a demo of proof of concept (POC) successfully for the Kachchh University management. The project was executed with 16 classrooms as a smart classroom with a live lecture with audio and video broadcasting, and recording and uploading to their FTP server. Extremely satisfied with the swift execution of the project, Kachchh University is now planning to have more classrooms equipped with Hikvision’s recording and broadcasting systems in the future.


The Kachchh University Management, Faculty and Students are very happy with Hikvision Solutions that have given them a sense of security in the campus. The solution now enabled them to monitor all the critical areas of the campus.

“We switched over to IP surveillance from our analog closed circuit camera system six months ago. We had set up a complete smart class solution in our university. We are very happy with the quality of products and services and they are very useful to us,” said Dr. C. B. Jadeja, Vice-Chancellor, KSKVU.


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