BOSCH Video Management System 8.0

Enables stitching of multiple cameras into a single overview and
offers more video for less power

The new Video Management System 8.0 (BVMS 8.0) from Bosch offers stitching, GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) decoding and 64-bit function – all of which allow surveillance operators to respond faster to incidents by monitoring a greater number of video cameras concurrently. The BVMS 8.0 offers an additional cost-efficiency and supports the latest ‘fusion’ dual-sensor technology.

Stitching: One view compiled from many

The Bosch Video Stitcher, part of BVMS 8.0, combines video from multiple cameras into a single one. It seamlessly stitches multiple high-resolution cameras into a single panoramic view, allowing operators to monitor – for example, the stand in a stadium or airfield in an airport – as a single camera. The user can still zoom in and out as needed, but does not need to switch back and forth from one camera to another. Additionally one does not need to know which camera is tracking what specifics, or where a camera is located and how it is linked to the surveillance network. The user can configure the stitched view; up to 16 cameras can be stitched together.

GPU decoding: More video for less power

Security and IT departments typically equip security operators with multi-monitor workstations or video walls for maximum situational awareness. The need to render more cameras on multiple displays usually places additional strain on a workstation’s performance, with more processing power needed to decode video images as the number of cameras increases.

Now, a superior client performance is possible by using the decoding capacities of the GPU. In this way, multiple ultra-high resolution (UHD) videos can be displayed in parallel without consuming CPU (Central Processing Unit) power.

64-bit function: Greater capacity

BVMS 8.0 runs as a 64-bit application, up from 32-bit in its previous versions. This raises the maximum capacity of a single BVMS from 30 management servers with 100 cameras per server to 50 management servers with 200 cameras per server.

H.265 enabled cameras reduce storage, thus cut cost

With the introduction of Bosch H.265 video compression, cameras can reduce bitrates. With BVMS 8.0, users are able to configure Bosch H.265 enabled cameras, allowing them to greatly reduce bandwidth and storage needs.

Dual view of new ‘fusion’ optical-thermal cameras

Bosch’s new MIC IP Fusion 9000 camera combines – among many other features – an optical lens with a thermal lens – to ensure surveillance can continue even in a smoke-filled room. BVMS 8.0 allows operators to easily switch between the optical and thermal view. Additionally, one of the two streams (depending on which one is open) can be dragged and dropped into a new cameo.

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